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Professional and Elegant Gutter Service and Installations in Rochester, New Hampshire

Protect your home or building from water damage with the help of D & M Exteriors, LLC. Our professionals offer seamless gutter installation services to keep rainwater away from your walls and foundation.

At D & M Exteriors, LLC, our installation services set us apart from other companies. We come to your location and educate you in the differences in installation.
Competitive Service

While all seamless gutter installers claim to use the highest quality materials, the truth is, many do not. It's important to us, the materials we use exceed industry standards. But don't take our word for it — if you're comparing us to our competition, ask them the following questions:
  • Do they use spikes, ferrules, or nails?
  • How thick is the aluminum they use? Our's is 0.032 gauge aluminum
  • What type of screws do they use?
  • Do they use galvanized screws? Ours are stainless steel
  • Do they use caulking or gutter seal the back of the gutter?
  • Do they install the gutter under the drip edge?
Our Guarantee

Our professionals give you a 25-year warranty on our workmanship. You can rest assured that we use the strongest, highest quality materials for every project. Our workmanship is second-to-none, and we are dedicated to making sure your home looks great and is protected from water!